If you want to stand out in a crowded market, you need to showcase 3 things


Your Originality

What makes your product different? Is it your process or ingredients? Your core values? Do you add a personal touch to your packaging or the customer experience? People buy distinctiveness. 

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Your Personality

When your potential customers are faced with so many choices of products, prices and suppliers, the personal connection is how you win. In your market you are the differentiator. People buy from people.


Your Story

Where do you do what you do? How do you spend your day? Who else is involved in your business? Where do you source your materials? People buy from brands they connect with. 


Introducing The Artisan’s Storytelling Photography Session

A custom lifestyle photoshoot designed to showcase you, your products and your business to your potential customers in an engaging and memorable way that entices them to buy. Here are examples of how I help you tell your story in a way that helps grow your business.

Go beyond just showing product photos

Your products are an excellent source of visual marketing content whether it’s for your website, promotional material or social media. But product shots on their own don’t create an emotional connection with your potential customers. When you use your products in a visual story, they can imagine how it fits into their lives. When you’re showing how you solve a problem or inspiring them, you’re not selling, you’re creating a demand for your product. 

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Give your product a personality

People have more choice than ever when shopping and will always find a cheaper option than yours. If you want them to appreciate the value of your product, you need to share the care and craftmanship that makes yours special. Take them behind the scenes and show them the journey. Spark their imagination of how much they’ll enjoy your product.


Show the craftmanship in your products
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Build a relationship with your customers 

Your product is your creation. If you want customers to fully appreciate the uniqueness of your product, they need to get to know the heart and soul behind the business – that’s you. You are what makes your product different and putting a face to the brand encourages people to interact, follow and support you. 


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