Fifteen years in sales & marketing and a deep love for photography came together when I created The Artisan's Storyteller


I'm Barry Phillips, The Artisan's Storyteller. Photography is a way of life for me, capturing other people’s lives and documenting the ever-changing world around us. I have a great and genuine interest getting to know people, understanding them, and with this and my own life experiences, I produce work that evokes emotion. 


Just as every person has a story, so does every business


Once I took the plunge from the corporate world into becoming an entrepreneur, I realised how hard it was to stand out in a crowded market and I had to learn the hard way that I needed to communicate what makes my work different and unique. I learnt that my business is not just about the photographs. Anyone can take a picture, but my customers are buying my expertise, my creativity, my personality, my point of view, my process and the entire journey from the first conversation to the photoshoot and through to final product. Who I am, how I do things and what I do differently is all part of my story and once I started communicating this to potential customers, I no longer competed on price. My customers could feel what it would be like to do business with me and could imagine what my images would mean to them. 


This is how The Artisan’s Storyteller was born


I felt the pain, I had the breakthrough and now I’m helping other entrepreneurs bring life to their products by telling the whole story behind the brand.


Let's connect 


I'd love to hear what your business is all about and discuss how we can collaborate on producing professional images for your branding, promotional and advertising. Please get in touch today.


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