3 Image post ideas to help you sell on Instagram

Reaching over 1 billion monthly users in 2018, Instagram is a really powerful platform for reaching your ideal customer, creating an abundance of opportunity to sell your products. 

But the competition is fierce, and some businesses have big advertising budgets to get in front of a huge number of target customers. If you’re an artisan running a small business, I’m guessing that a big budget is the last thing you have lying around to help you sell. So you’ve got to be smarter about how you use Instagram to get the results you want.  

The key is to stand out in a crowded market and get your potential customers to choose you instead of the many other products they have available to them. 

Posting endless pictures of your products on their own won’t be enough. You’ve got to create an emotional connection with that person and help them understand why yours is a better purchase. 

So, what’s the key to building that emotional connection?

I call it my 3 ‘I’s


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1. Interaction

People don’t interact with products, they interact with people. YOU are what makes your product different and putting a face to the brand encourages people to interact, follow and support you. Your product probably serves the same purpose as those your competitors are selling, so if you want them to choose yours, you have to build a relationship with your audience before selling to them. Come out from behind the camera and SHOW UP AS YOU, so they can see who they’re buying from and help them to feel that they’re supporting a real, small, independent business, not some faceless corporate chain.  

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2. Individuality

People like to feel that they’re buying something unique or original. Something that makes them feel special or lets them show that they own something special. You must BRING YOUR PRODUCTS TO LIFE if you want to create a connection with your potential customer. Filling your Instagram feed with bland, boring product shots, similar to so many others, is not the way to do this. You have to showcase what makes your product different. What’s special or different about the raw ingredients you use? What’s your personal touch that makes it unique? Show the smaller details that people won’t usually be aware of. 

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3. Invitation

There’s no better way to create a connection with you and your products than to invite people into your world. Post images that bring them behind the scenes and help them feel like they’re part of THE STORY BEHIND YOUR PRODUCT. Invite them on the journey from start to finish. Invite them into your workspace so they can see you in action and share the care and craftsmanship that goes into making something they’ll want to own. 

Remember, your product is your creation and your images must tell the full story of you and your product if you want to stand out from the crowd and entice your followers to become customers. 

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Let’s tell your story

I’m Barry Phillips, The Artisan’s Storyteller and I’ve made it my mission to help you tell your unique story with authentic, high-quality photography. 

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