Go beyond boring product shots

Your products and creations are an excellent source of visual marketing content. But plain product shots on their own don’t create an emotional connection with your customers.

Your products should make a promise to your buyer: to change their life for the better. But before buying, people want to see how - and in what context - a product is used. Therefore, creative, quality product photos, sell a customer by helping them visualise it in context, so in any lifestyle product photograph, the context is as important as the product. Your pictures should illustrate that all-important promise. So when you use your products in a visual story, people imagine how it fits into their lives. Equally, when you’re using imagery to show how you solve a problem or inspiring them, you’re not selling, you’re creating a demand.

Contact me if you’d like to discuss how we can help your customers build a story about what you do and what you offer that helps them visualise the lifestyle they aspire to.

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Let’s tell your story

I’m Barry Phillips, The Artisan’s Storyteller and I’ve made it my mission to help you tell your unique story with authentic, high-quality photography. 

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