Setting your visibility strategy

I believe that if you want to have an impact on the world, you need to show up as your best self where your clients are and communicate your unique value to them, so they can get to know, like and trust you.

If you want to raise your visibility online so you can reach and attract a stream of your ideal clients, then you need to create an online presence.

This is probably nothing new to hear, but the important thing is, before you dive in with a scattered approach, wasting time and money, you first need to set your strategy for reaching this audience.

Take the time to think through your business and write down the answers to the questions below;

Who is my ideal client?

For example: how would I describe their characteristics (gender, age, profession, family status etc), what’s their pain, where are they located, where do they hang out, who do they follow, how do they consume information, how do they buy and why do they need what I offer?

Where would I reach them online?

For example: which social media platforms do they hang out on, which websites, magazines or online publications do they like, what are they searching for in search engines, which online groups do they hang out in, who do they follow in my niche and how and which professional associations or online platforms do they and their peers gather around?

Which marketing channels do I need to focus on to reach these people with my message? Examples:

  • My website (refresh or start new)?

  • Social media (which platform, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn)?

  • Blogging on my website or other blogging platform?

  • Guest blogging?

  • Email campaigns and newsletters?

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Let’s tell your story

I’m Barry Phillips, The Artisan’s Storyteller and I’ve made it my mission to help you tell your unique story with authentic, high-quality photography. 

I'd love to hear what your business is all about and discuss how we can collaborate on producing professional images for your branding, promotion and advertising. Please get in touch today.


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